DNA Groups simply defined – Groups of two to four people (gender specific) who gather weekly to help one another love God with all of who they are and everything they have, love  people, and become like Christ, making disciples that bring heaven on earth.


A DNA Group is a small gender specific (men with men, women with women) gathering of 2 to 4 disciples of Christ who are helping each other become transformed into Christ’s likeness and advance Christ’s kingdom in every area of life (relationships and responsibilities). Utilizing the power of God’s Word (Bible), God’s Spirit, and God’s family – the church, a DNA Group emphasizes the two major practices of a disciple: 1. Hearing God’s Word and Spirit, 2. Obeying God’s Word and Spirit. Each person will help the others to hear and obey God’s Word in the two main areas of the Kingdom of God: 1. Covenant Relationships (“covenant” means high quality relational unity and oneness), 2. Kingdom Responsibilities (fulfilling the original dominion mandate by doing God’s will, God’s way, by God’s Spirit, for God’s glory. Gen.1-3)  DNA Groups are not a religious program. They are a way of life.  When two, three, or four sincere believers come together for the purpose of helping one another become like Christ and advance His kingdom, supernatural transformation will occur. Ro. 8:29; 1 Cor. 15:48-49; Luke 10:1-24; Matt. 6:33, 10:7-8

For more in-depth description please read the DNA booklet. Which can be downloaded by clicking DNA Booklet.